CELLnTEC was founded by a group of scientists in 2002, with the specific goal to develop improved media and methods for the cultivation of epithelial cells using advances in our understanding of the specific signals that control proliferation and differentiation of cells in vivo.

Traditional approaches to culture media development focused on crude approaches such as amino acid or vitamin profiles, or simply adding random factors whilst monitoring proliferation rate. Our early research quickly showed that the CELLnTEC approach was able to improve the isolation, cultivation and differentiation of cells compared with such traditional media.

CELLnTEC remains an innovative and agile company that continues to follow its original set of core values:

  • Continually use the latest scientific insights to develop precision culture media for both undifferentiated and differentiated epithelial cells
  • Maintain an ongoing R&D program to create improved 2D and 3D in vitro models
  • Provide extensive protocols and technical advice to maximize the performance of our products
  • Use our strong scientific background to deliver advanced in vitro testing services

CELLnTEC’s core expertise is our up-to-date understanding of the signaling pathways used to keep epithelial cells in an undifferentiated state. In vivo, all epithelial tissues maintain a pool of undifferentiated progenitor cells throughout our entire lifespan. At CELLnTEC, all our research is dedicated to understanding the in vivo situation better, and then transferring this knowledge directly into improved in vitro models and media.

In keeping with our ongoing scientific commitment and research programs. CELLnTEC scientists continue to attend a wide range of scientific conferences, to ensure that we are fully up to date with all the most recent advances in epithelial cell biology.

We pride ourselves on being a responsive and reliable partner, and always strive to give the best products, services and advice to all our customers.

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