NORDIC Immunulogical Laboratories

Nordic was established in 1964 as a firm for manufacturing and trade of pharmaceutical and chemical compounds. The focus shifted to immunology and the production of antisera became the main activity. Cooperation with the Institutes of the Dutch Health Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) resulted in many specific antisera to human, mouse, monkey and rat immunoglobulin classes and their subclasses. These are still important items in the product range of Nordic. Of interest may also be a wide range of polyclonal antisera to other serum proteins of different animal species.

Early techniques were based on precipitation reactions of antisera with the antigen. Although underestimated nowadays, immunoelectrophoresis, single and double radial immunodiffusion (Mancini, Ouchterlony) are still valuable techniques. Along with the development of more sensitive techniques Nordic Laboratories produce fluorescent and horseradish peroxidase conjugates as well as biotin conjugates for labels of the customers own choice.

Over the years we have established working reference standards of reactivity, purity and stability, which are permanently reviewed in the light of current progress. Our aim is to provide the customer a wide scale of basic immunological products of high quality, also suited for more traditional techniques and small-scale applications, as well as support based on many years of experience

Today we offer a range of over 1700 products for fundamental and applied research of human and veterinary systems. It includes a unique series of polyclonal antisera against enzymes as unlabelled IgG fractions, biotin conjugates and affinity purified antibody fractions.

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