Axon Medchem

Axon Medchem BV is a leading european chemistry service platform, spinned-off from Axon Biochemicals BV. Axon Medchem BV is specializing in contract research and high-quality synthesis of bio-active and/or drug-like molecules.

Axon Medchem BV, together with Axon Biochemicals BV, conducts business operations as a contract research organization (CRO) in medicinal chemistry.

Providing a track record in developing novel drug candidates in the CNS field and reaching the licensing agreements with international pharmaceutical companies like Lundbeck (2004) and Astrazeneca (2006), Axon Biochemicals BV is actively involved in several drug discovery programs from pre-clinic to Phase I. With its experienced medicinal chemists in front-line drug research, the company also provided high quality chemistry services in the past, in particular, rapid synthesis of drug standards and contract research on drug design and synthesis in the diversified application fields.

Axon Medchem Bv is set to extend the dedicated chemistry services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and/or agricultural companies as well as research institutes around the world.

Many thanks for your attention and welcome to explore and utilize our services. We are pretty sure that we speak right chemistry in specialty fine chemical field, in particular, those biochemicals, neurotransmitters and drug reference standards.

Axon Medchem is also a prime source of high-value life science products, providing Axon Ligands (TM) for advanced pharmaceutical research as world-wide recognized drug standards. Welcome to test and prove Axon Ligands (TM) with your expected bio-activities.



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